Hello and welcome to my web site. I am a designer, photographer and illustrator residing in Northern California. This is my portfolio and more. I include work here from my college days where I first started my journey in art and design as well as most of my contemporary works. I would like to think that this site is more representative of the evolution of my work. 

As an artist, I am most comfortable behind the lense of a camera. It is my endeavour to catch and share profound moments from my life. To show you what I see along the way. Although, most of my work is digital, I often add traditional processes to my work. Much of my design and art starts as a sketch. Several of my illustrations are not complete until I have continued the process with oil pastel, Collage and more. Other pieces start with a digital "texture print" on which I use oil pastels. In addition, I continue to explore traditional Black and White photography, dark room and developing.

Design is my passion. I have committed my life to it. I love the challenge of taking someone's content and finding a solution for presenting it in the most effective and pleasing way. Most of my current design work can be found on my company portfolio at fx2dream.com. 

In addition to my art and design, I am also an active volunteer in my community. I am a member of LeTip. I am a Scoutmaster. I love hiking, boating, biking, and tinkering in my back yard.

Thank you for visiting,

Robert West